Friday, 28 December 2012

400 and things


Wikipedia lists the moon's rotational speed at the equator as 4.627 m/s.  This works out as 16.6572 km/h.  Which means that in one earth day of 24 hours, it covers 399.728 km.  Which is about as close to that recurring "400" mentioned in the previous posts as can be.

Wikipedia also lists the earth's rotational speed at the equator as 1674.4 km/h.  That's pretty close to 100 times the moon's speed.

1674.4 km/h  /  16.6572 km/h =  100.521095

Therefore, in 24 hours the earth rotates 40185.6 km.

The moon covers 400 km  of ground in a day.
The earth covers near enough 40,000 km in a day.

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